OVAL blog 1: “How do I reach the top talent, that everybody wants?”

We get to hear this question almost daily. In many industries there is a growing shortage of good quality personnel, especially for the specialist roles. Organizations therefore make every effort to make themselves attractive to the labor market. Much time and money is spent on employer branding, recruitment software, onboarding, training and training opportunities; all to seduce the ideal candidate: from high potentials, specialists, to senior management. Even involving a new office location, for example in the center of Amsterdam, is one of the promotional activities that we see in the market today. Nevertheless, the desired top talent is still not reached enough. Bad hires are lying in wait. How do you reach the toptalent you want …?

Top talents are not actively looking for a job for themselves, they do not look at advertisements and are not aware of the labor market of the parties. Those who are reached in this way, often have other motives to move, usually based on purely rational grounds. These are almost never the desired 100% matches, exceptions left there.

Top talents and professional specialists are usually firmly in the saddle, and have their focus on personal growth and their work as a passion. They know themselves, have insight into their personal goals, know from the inside in which environment they are at their best, and where they want to invest their time and talent. They are less susceptible to offers that seek to attract predominantly compensation, job title or secondary extras. We hear more and more that they become ‘crazy’ of recruiters who call or email daily and try to get a hold of them.

What extra steps can you take as an organization to succesfully connect with the desired top talent, even in a tense labor market? Our answer is unambiguous, insight into the bigger picture is the key. You can indeed reach your target group, but at a higher level, where it comes to team dynamics, to subculture, to the current prevailing standards and values ​​of the immediate environment around a vacant position. And that related to the personality, and the personal goals and motives of the desired top talent. So when you understand the current setting at both the organization ánd the candidate -which we call ‘the bigger picture’ – , then you can pull on the right strings, and you will be able to sit together with your desired top talent.

This way, you do not just attract the right top talent, but you already know in advance

that this talent will feel at home in your organization, in the team, and therefore he or she will excel, boosting the team performance.

So, organizations invest a lot in new employees, while top talents invest in time, talent and personal growth. As with every investment, it is important that you can make a decision based upon as many relevant ins and outs as possible. Despite all the positive actions by a lot of organizations, they often lack insight and understanding in that crucial part that provides insight into the real current setting at team or subcultural level. And that specific missing part is exactly that part which can be decisive and leading for top talent.